Warm Hands Therapeutics

Massage Therapy

The type of massage you choose depends upon the condition of your body, any complaints you may have at the time, and the amount of pressure you prefer. All massage will enhance your circulation, relax your muscles, and enhance your vitality and well-being.

Nick's approach to massage is firmly grounded in a thorough understanding of the anatomy and kinesiology of the body. His goal is to separate and mobilize the muscles, vessels, and fascia under your skin, as well as revitalizing the skin itself. Nick's touch is firm, not painful, your result is increased mobility, fluid flow, and energy flow, decreased pain and stiffness, and an enhanced sense of overall well-being.

Nick uses Jojoba Oil and organic Nature's Gate moisturizing lotion to nourish your skin as we work, leaving you feeling supple, but not "greasy". This blend is warmed before touching your skin, allowing you to effortlessly drop into a deeply relaxed state.

Hot Stone Massage

Gently warmed and deliciously cooled stones are used to support an even deeper state of relaxation while invigorating your muscular and circulatory systems via their reflexive reactions to this contrast in temperatures.

Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian Style Massage)

Characterized by long, sweeping, full-body stokes, this approach focuses tapping into your innate wellspring of health and vitality while supporting a deepening acceptance of self. Draping is thorough, but minimal, to allow the strokes to encompass the length and breadth of your body. Nick's oil/lotion blend is liberally applied during this approach.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release corrects long-standing postural & structural misalignments through the use of sustained, strong force applied parallel to the long axes of the body, at a shallow depth, in directions specific to the misalignment being remedied.

Benefits of All Three Types of Massage:

👉 Reduces: stress, physical fatigue, blood pressure, anxiety

👉 Increases: circulation, joint flexibility, the healing of scar tissue, the elimination of

👉 Toxins: energy flow on all levels

👉 Nourishes: the skin

👉 Releases: chronic muscle tension and pain, muscle spasms and cramps

👉 Relieves: tension related headaches

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