Warm Hands Therapeutics offers still point inducers, salt lamps, and a wide array of books pertaining to your body and health.

Stillpoint Inducers
Stillpoint inducers were created by the Upledger Institute as a means of providing some of the benefits of a Craniosacral treatment at home, between sessions. The inducer rests between the bottom of the back of your skull (not under the neck!) and any reasonably firm surface (bed, couch, floor). Simply lying on it for 5-10 minutes will induce one or more "stillpoints" or "pauses" in the Craniosacral Rhythm, allowing your nervous system to reset and relax, your immune system to get a boost, and your tension to drain away. 

No, you can't stay on one for too long. After 15-20 minutes, even the soft surface of the inducer will become irritating and you will naturally want to remove it or roll off of it, even if you've fallen asleep. Daily use promotes and enhances your health and well-being while providing a calming way to end the day, a serene way to start the day, or a most welcome break whenever one is needed.

Price: $15.00 each and can be shipped for a nominal fee.

Salt Lamps

Salt Lamps are a natural and beautiful way to cleanse unwanted pollutants and odors from any environment. Nick's lamps are sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas, from salt laid down many millennia ago and untouched since. The reddish streaks and colors are from iron dissolved in the water at the time it crystallized as salt. Each lamp is unique in color and pattern, although I am able to specify how much color and clarity should you have a particular visual effect in mind.

How do they work? 
The lamp inside (night light bulbs which can vary in strength from 4 to 25 watts depending upon the desired amount of illumination) heats the salt, which then gives off negatively charged ions (just like a spring rain or around a waterfall), these combine with the positively charged particles of pollution or odor, dropping them out of the air you breath. The result is a wonderfully refreshing change to any room. 

Compare the clarity of Nick's lamps to those sourced from Europe, notice the increased clarity and vibrancy of the colors: the higher quality of salt, the more effective the lamp. Available in a variety of sizes, they can be used for anything from mood lighting or reduced illumination in home theaters to comforting night light with the added bonus of negative ion generation.

Salt Lamps Pricing

Minis $40
Small $48
Medium $58
Large $74
Small Pyramid $110
Moon $110
Oval $110
Egg $110

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