Warm Hands Therapeutics


The benefits of receiving a massage are vast. The focus is on relaxation, medical treatments, and improving your "mind-body" connection. Warm Hands Therapeutics proudly offers services including:

Massage Therapy

The type of massage you choose depends upon the condition of your body, any complaints you may have at the time, and the amount of pressure you prefer. All massage will enhance your circulation, relax your muscles, and enhance your vitality and well-being.

Craniosacral Therapy

This very gentle technique releases tension and strain patterns from the fascial system of the body. This technique is performed with the client lying clothed on a massage table. When this very relaxing treatment is over, you will feel increased vitality, freedom of movement, and mental clarity.

Lymphatic Drainage Technique

Your Lymphatic system serves as a "storm drainage network" assisting your blood vessels in removing waste products, toxins, & excess fluid from your tissues. Blockage of this system can result in edema (swelling) as well as ongoing responses to the toxins trapped within your body. Very gentle, small, rhythmic motions assist your lymphatic system in regaining or improving it's ability to move fluids and remove wastes.

A Few Testimonials From Nick's Clients

"Most other massages I've had were too soft or too hard. What a relief to find touch that is just right!"

-D.P., Fort Walton Beach, Florida

"No matter what comes up for me during a session, Nick is right there, safe and sure."

-G.H., Sandestin, Florida

"The last time I had a massage this good, I was on an Italian cruise ship!"

-T.E., Destin, Florida

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